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We are a local Website designed and geared to making businesses and individuals tell their stories both within the district and beyond its borders by promoting local content. mufuliraonline is a platform for all people of different backgrounds with the sole agenda to consolidating, bringing out and exposing various local stories in the district. Businesses and people alike have a unique chance to advertise, sale, promote and reach out to their customers in a fashion never witnessed before in our district. With mufuliraonline, you have a rare opportunity for a platform ready to tell your story, the best way you want thanks to Maestro Cybertech a local business whose agenda is to bring ICT services closer to you and help you and your business grow beyond borders.  Yes, beyond borders, because your audience has just gotten expanded.

Our Vision

To be a highly valuable one-stop-shop platform for both local and external digital (multimedia) content dissemination.

Our Mission

To steadily enable digital content in areas where the dream was previously shuttered so that the advent of free flow of information can be ubiquitous as long as Internet service is available.

Colleagues, when you position and commit yourself to making informed decisions, enrich yourself with content from Mufuliraonline. If you do so, you will be making us work round the clock in gathering data and processing it into information with your interest at heart. Our town, province, country and world will just get even better if we individually thrive to making better informed decisions.

To contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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