Mufulira Cerebrates Women’s Day.
Mufulira Cerebrates Women’s Day.

All roads led to Mufulura Golf Club, where the DC graced the ceremony whose theme read, Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovative for Change. Women from all walks of life gathered at the venue which also showcased women farm produce, designs and mini exhibitions from some organizations.

The cerebrations were characterized by various activities which included business, dance, music, drama, Army drills and speeches from various hosts including the Guest of honor herself Mufulira District Commissioner madam Hilda Kawesha. The occasion was franked by various district leaders who included His Worship the  Mayor Gift Mushinge, Women Committee Organizing Chair lady, Drug Enforcement Commission representatives, the Honorable Member of Parliament for Kantanshi Constituency Anthony Mumba and heads of Government and parastatals. 

Guest of Honor Madam Hilda Kawesha and his Worship the Mayor Gift Mushinge at Women's Day Ceremony.


In her speech, the Guest of honor described Women’s Day as a remarkable attribute to society. She said the day was to be viewed as an occasion to showcase women activities and a day to foster equality. She saw the day as an occasion to empower women to help develop the country.  Among some empowerment programs, she pointed out that government programs such as early childhood education, easy access to land title and finance, universal access to education and social cash transfer as tools women needed to embrace to be empowered.

She said that women needed to believe in themselves and take their rightful positions in the nation’s programs to make a difference.


Earlier, the Committee Organizing Chair Lady called on everyone, men included, to play a role. She said women from all walks of life do all sorts of jobs both in rural and urban areas and that every woman needed to look to the Proverbs 31 woman.  She called on women to help end child marriages, citing the scourge as a reason for a reduced number of women folk decision makers in the nation. She said that there was need for the promotion of girls’ education in the district and that the Women Day’s theme was telling women to be innovative while encouraging looking at each other equally. She also paid tribute to the President of Zambia H. E. Edgar Lungu for the developmental projects citing Toll gates, Social Cash Transfer programs and early childhood education.

Meanwhile, Drug Enforcement Commission representative at the event cited literature review indications that the majority of Women had become vulnerable to alcohol and drugs on account of various challenges they face.  She narrated on some of the dangers which alcohol and drugs presented to their lives. She told the audience that engagement in the highlighted vice often led to lack of peace among families that resulted in divorce and separation, child negligence, unhappy spouses and emotional diseases; and physical problems.

“ In the fight for better society, our thinking goes beyond that because drinking more alcohol and sniffing insunko on this day will not do anything to better the lives of our children”


She assured women that in the diversity of our roles – men and women, none was superior to the other. “ In the fight for better society, our thinking goes beyond that because drinking more alcohol and sniffing insunko on this day will not do anything to better the lives of our children”, she said. She called to women that if they were battling with drug addiction, it was time to look for help at the Drug Enforcement Commission in the district of Mufulira.

“ DEC is not only there to arrest but to educate, counsel and enhance parenting styles and family skills for a better community” she added, ending with a call to women to fight for what was right.  

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