Some Mufulira Roads receive the much needed face-list.
Some Mufulira Roads receive the much needed face-list.
AVIC International working.

On the spot checks in different areas reveal that the Chinese firm, AVIC International, has undertaken a number of road rehabilitation works across Mufulira District’s dilapidated road infrastructure. This is after Government released US$59 million last July for the completion of Copperbelt Roads as part of the Township Road Project. The Project dates back in 2017 and includes roads in Chambishi, Chingola, Kalulushi, Mufulira and Ndola.

Since their first appearance in the District of Mufulira around mid-last year, 2018, AVIC international has made tremendous strides in the area having so far worked on Butondo road, almost all roads in Kankoyo, one in Kantanshi, some in Kamuchanga townships and now doing Fairview townships roads which include Maina Soko, Kombe and Jomo Kenyatta Roads  to cite but a few. This was after the District wallowed in the worst road network infrastructure for decades.

A section of Pempuleni Street receiving attention in the CBD.

A Section of Buntungwa Street in the CBD being worked on.

A completed Section of Chibuku Road near Clinic 6 in Kantanshi Township.

Meanwhile Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Honourable Vincent Mwale has urged AVIC International to abide by the 20 percent Sub-contracting Policy when undertaking Government funded projects. He said this after receiving a petition by some local contractors who claimed that AVIC International was not honoring the 20 percent sub-contracting Government Policy. He said that Government would have a bone to chew with AVIC International if at all it were true that AVIC International was not adhering to the 20 per cent Sub-contracting Policy adding that Government had spent huge sums of money on road infrastructure projects and could not sit idle and watch “We need some of the money to remain in the country and empower local contractors”, he added.

Under the policy, it is a requirement that a minimum of 20% of works on all road contracts awarded by the Road Development Agency, their appointed Local Roads Authorities and other Government institutions should be given to Zambian Citizens’ companies in line with the shareholding structure specified in the Citizens Economic Empowerment Act No. 9 of 2006.

Download the  20% Sub-Contracting Policy

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