The Launch – mufuliraonline.com
The Launch – mufuliraonline.com


Mufuliraonline is a local digital content platform designed to accelerate the flow of information in the district digitally or online. It was necessitated by the rapid increase of Internet access by Mufulira residents following a push from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at the national level. As citizens enjoy internet service, it is important to appreciate the fact that there is usually little or no room for local content online. Therefore, it is on this premise that Mufuliraonline your local platform was founded. It is also important to state that when content is placed on this platform, it can be viewed by people all over the world. 

Familiarize yourself

In line with the changing world, Mufuliraonline is positioned to revolutionize the way we consume news in the district. As things stand, our only source of news is from Radio and TV stations in addition to print media sold on the corridors of our central business district whose content is generally national. Little if anything to nothing is told about our district.

Digital content is multimedia in nature, meaning a combination of text, pictures and videos. On this podium, you will share and communicate multimedia content that will offer you an experience like the one you have never seen before within the realm of an expanded audience. You are encouraged as Mufulira residents to utilize this platform for your stories, business sales and adverts. When you advertise here, everyone sees it; the world sees it.

This blog platform will offer online weekly, monthly and annual archive news content that you can search through using an effective search mechanism opposed to piles of hardcopy newpapers.

Let stories that interest us remain embodied in a place you will always wake up and search. Own a place where you know when you lobby, people of the same experience will nod and agree with you. The streamlined menu touches on subjects that are close to our hearts, meaning that, we have no choice but to follow through story lines specific to our desires at any given time.

News, lifestyle, business, technology, politics, entertainment and Spiritual define some of the categories of the stories encouraged. Contributors will align their storylines to these highlighted topics. When you are chosen as one of our contributors, your stories will not be published if they infringe on human rights norms, dimmed to hurt others and against our ethical goals. You will not be allowed to use this platform to settle scores but to build pillars that improve relations and coexistence. Information is vital. It helps you make better informed decisions.

What is in it for you?

What you are reading right now is Mufuliraonline first Post. Going forward, local stories (Posts) from various places and people in the district of Mufulira will appear on this platform in this very manner. You are going to be reading Articles of news and notification in nature from our leaders, concerned citizens and selected contributors about diverse issues affecting the District. When we say leaders, we contextually, mean all people in leadership positions from law-enforcers, the church, civic leaders, political leaders, corporate heads, health care providers, educationists to social welfare practitioners, students and church goers etc. In so doing, it is envisaged that Mufuliraonline will serve as a podium that will interface views from people with different backgrounds.


Mufuliraonline is yours, own it. It was built with you in mind. When you take a vacation to other towns, always remember to visit this site. You will always feel at home away from home. We are confident that our presence will help this town become a better place.


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